Search Engine Optimization

Top position in the search engines means increased sales!

Having a strong position on Google has never been more important to businesses than it is today. If you are not visible at the top, you will lose potential customers and sales.

Most people who own a website have a common cause: they want to appear at the top of Google’s search results and thus get more visitors. There are of course many tricks to succeed in doing this. Here at ROI you will learn more about Search Engine Optimization, which is usually called SEO. Having knowledge of SEO increases the chances of being seen online.

This is how we work


We carry out careful analysis of your industry and area. We have several different landing pages which we adapt in order for you to get the best results. Our experienced staff analyzes and reviews your site and produces a report based on it.


When one of our experts has reviewed your website and made a proposal, we will start delivering your content pages. During the first few weeks the pages are customized and built according to your current website in order for the relevance to be as high as possible.


We know that results are important, which is why we have developed a model that generates those high results. We track and deliver ongoing leads and visitors to your website. Here at ROI we know what it takes to get the best results.

SEO Friendly Text

SEO friendly text is also called SEO content. This is a term that aims to make the content of a web page search engine friendly. The content of the website is search engine oriented. This means that it is controlled by keywords, branding, and more. An SEO friendly website is optimized for the search engine and is adjusted to exactly what a potential customer might search for. However, the text should not be written to the search engine, but to the reader.

What is SEO friendly text and can it help you reach a top rank on Google?

An SEO friendly text satisfies readers’ interests and presents the content they are looking for. The text focuses on certain keywords which are used at a certain frequency. It should preferably also include different formats, such as headings and pictures. However, it is important to remember that it is real people who read the text, and that a well-written text gives higher visibility and more conversions. It is all about the balance.

Search engines like words, so an SEO friendly text contains many terms. A text with multiple terms means more hits than a text with a few words. The text needs to be unique, because the search engines can sense if you present a text that is too similar to others. Making your writing SEO friendly is mainly about presenting a text that both the human readers and the search engine can understand and manage.

What should you consider when writing text for SEO?

When writing an SEO friendly text it is important to have the right balance between writing to the reader and to the search engine. If you only write to the search engine it will eventually notice this. The risk is then that the search hits will be reduced. There is also a risk that the reader notices this, which in turn leads to fewer conversions.

Ongoing SEO jobs on all content pages

Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing job. We constantly ensure that our pages rank highly and the better rankings we achieve, the more results you will get from our landing pages. We constantly work with on- and off page optimization on all pages to ensure that the quality and rankings are as high as possible.