Off Page Optimization

Benefits of Off Page Optimization

Off Page Optimization is exactly what it sounds like. Instead of optimizing on the site itself you do so outside of it. You can do this, for example, by trying to make sure that you get relevant links to your site. You can also add yourself to different link directories in the hope that more people will find you there. The best thing is to get so-called natural links.

The advantage of Off Page Optimization is that you don’t really need to change anything on your site. You can simply devote yourself to creating interesting content and then the links often come as a result. It is also very easy to add yourself to link directories. However, it is important to think about adding yourself to relevant link directories. This also affects how successful you will be.

Disadvantages of Off Page Optimization

At first glance, Off Page Optimization is very democratic. If you have a good site, you simply get a lot of links. The disadvantage, however, is that it can be difficult as a small player to compete with the big sites. They get lots of links without having to do anything at all while a smaller site has to fight for links. In practice, it is difficult for a smaller site to overtake a larger one in the search engine results. Another disadvantage is that many people engage in so-called Black Hat SEO. This is SEO where, for example, you buy links or build pages just to create links. This means that the position of the search engine results is not always fair.