Landing Pages

With a landing page from ROI we generate hot leads.

Pages that convert

We have optimized and ranked pages across multiple industries to make sure you get the best opportunities to get leads that convert. At ROI we rent these already highly ranked pages to your company, and they are ready to start sending leads.

What is a landing page?

We have an entire network of websites in different industries and cities in Sweden. These sites are already ranked on Google within their keywords. If you need to get to the top of Google’s search results so that potential customers can find your business, you can rent one of these pages. We customize the page to look like your business and increase the conversion rate.

Built for high rankings

We know that results are important, which is why we have developed a model that generates those high results. We track and deliver ongoing leads and visitors to your website. Here at ROI we know what it takes to get the best results.

Unique design and content

All our websites are made from scratch with a design unique to the particular industry or city. Our websites are developed using the well known and popular tool WordPress. Our websites always include unique text to prevent duplicate content. They also have unique images, titles and descriptions to make sure that your rented website is as unique and as highly ranked as possible. All pages come with unique and stylish designs to increase the conversion rate. We will also add your company logo and information to the site. We have contact forms on all websites so we can see how many conversions you have received from each website and send you a report every month.

Secure with a landing page

Even if you currently have a functioning website it might be a good idea to rent a landing page. This is especially true if you are having difficulty climbing Google’s search results. Our landing pages are perfect for ensuring that organic traffic from Google reaches your business. We already have a high ranking on several keywords which can allow you to get leads from Google through a landing page. For example, if you run a flooring company with staff and premises in the northern part of Stockholm it is desirable for you to appear in a search for “Golvfirma Norrort”. The search engine competition is stiff, which is why we already have high rankings on “Golvfirma Norrort”. This means that when you rent a landing page from us you can take advantage of this traffic as well.

Security for you as a customer

When you rent a landing page from us we make sure that everything is already in place and ready to go. We have ready-made agreements which ensure that the website is yours during this time. We build the landing page with your logo, company information and contact information. This means that you are guaranteed to get all leads generated by the site. No funny business - you get direct access to the site and all its traffic. All information is then sent directly from the website to you, so no middlemen or hidden fees.

Examples of landing page

Unique design with high conversion rate

We have several landing pages within different industries and cities. All our websites are designed with unique content to guarantee the best possible results. We always combine an industry with a city, such as “Städfirma Stockholm” or “Elektriker Göteborg”.

Some of the key elements on the page:

  • Unique customer logo on all websites
  • Content such as images and text adapted to your industry
  • Contact information and clear forms available to the customer
  • HTTPS (SSL Certificate) on all pages to show that they are secure and all traffic is encrypted
  • High security and protection on the servers. This prevents WordPress from being hacked and keeps your page highly ranked