About Us

Why choose ROI for lead generation?

ROI was founded in 2017, with the ambition of becoming the obvious lead generation partner for businesses in the Nordic region and the UK.

We noticed a gap in the market. Companies were focusing on placing tons of service requests, but there was no alternative for focusing on placing the right kind of requests.

A professional painter might be receiving requests to replace a door when his interest lies in painting the whole house. That’s where we wanted to make a change! Our goal was to deliver the jobs our partners were actually interested in. We wanted the number of requests to decrease and only the right kinds to come through.

Our ROI Media team members have several years of experience with search engine optimization and lead generation. We’re passionate about what we do and work every day around it. SEO is ever-evolving. Hence, you can never claim yourself to be a master.

The industry keeps changing rapidly. Here at ROI we always keep ourselves updated with the latest information. SEO is not something that you can learn from any particular book or a blog. Rather, you have to keep thriving. As part of our daily work, we help companies gain more online visibility using our knowledge and the best tricks in SEO.

At ROI each of our team members has some in-depth knowledge of one thing or another. As we have expertise in SEO, it is easy for us to promote our company online. We aim at helping other businesses with this expertise. This is of paramount importance to us at ROI – what are our customers getting in return from investing their money in us?

Maybe you need more orders to reach your sales goals?
Maybe you have a few members of staff sitting idle in the office?

Whatever you’re suffering from, the answer is usually an increase in sales. This is where we step onto the stage. The smart method we use with our landing pages allows us to connect buyers and suppliers without compromising on the quality of the service. We ensure the suppliers don’t end up with 0 EUR in their pockets. That’s what we call added value for both customers and suppliers at ROI.

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Call us on +468-557 661 98 for a free quotation for your company, or if you have any general questions or concerns about lead generation.